In addition to creating multi-media performance works, Ms. Hopkins also produces concerts and albums of music. She formed a band called Gloria Deluxe in 1999 that featured a revolving cast of musicians, performing hundreds of concerts and releasing five full length albums. During its ten year existence (from 1999 until 2009) Gloria Deluxe developed an enthusiastic following for its unique blend of folk, cabaret, rock, blues, and country music, opening for legendary artists including David Byrne and Patti Smith. In addition to Gloria Deluxe albums, Ms. Hopkins has also released three full length albums of music under her own name. In addition to albums produced under the names Gloria Deluxe and Cynthia Hopkins (all of which are available on iTunes) Ms. Hopkins has also released many individual songs online, available for free download, on SoundCloud.


In addition to composing music for her own performance works, concerts, albums, and podcast episodes, Cynthia also works as a composer, vocalist, and musician for hire. Information about these works for hire can be found here.

Cynthia is currently making music with a collaboration called Fellwalker.