“Ms. Hopkins is marvelously good and sympathetic company”
– Claudia La Rocca, The New York Times 

“Star-trekking and soul-baring are juxtaposed with bizarre, oddly beguiling bravado”
– Charles Ishwerwood, The New York Times

“Hugely moving … haunting yet rollicking songs operate as beautifully.”
– Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

“a triumph of disciplined thinking, narrative fluidity and musical accomplishment”
– Gina Bellafante, The New York Times

“A feast for the senses.”
– Jason Fitzgerald, Backstage

“a profound sense of reverent spiritual gravity”
– Kirsten Gill, Title Magazine

“a series of overlapping and sometimes contradictory impulses and desires around the making of art, laced with bracing reminders of the true costs involved in these quixotic pursuits”
– Claudia La Rocca, The New York Times

“a blissful night of blurred genres”
– Sarah Matusek, New York Theatre Review

“Hopkins pulls off the impossible: She makes postmodernism danceable once again … She blurs the edges of confession and performance, concert and play, memory and creation.”
– Helen Shaw, Time Out NY

“the memorial quilts are compelling as objects even if they weren’t attached to an additional body of work. They are sculptures as much as they are quilts … she reveals her talents as a visual artist as well”.”
– Ellen Chenoweth, Thinking Dance

“It’s a more bracing kind of career seminar than you might ever imagine attending, with generous helpings of profanity and poignant musical interventions from this irresistible singer/composer.”
– Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body

“When she wraps her big, rich, soulful voice around an anthem to the beauty of the natural world or the folly of our disregard for it, the show transcends”
– Charles Ishwerwood, The New York Times

“a perverse delight of incongruities”
– Daniel Mufson, The Village Voice