Articles of Faith

Articles of Faith tells the story of a fire that destroyed the home, work space, and possessions of Cynthia Hopkins. This tale unfolds through a series of homages to artists she emulates, whose work inspires her to continue making work regardless of circumstance.

Performed by Cynthia Hopkins & Jeff Sugg
Designed by Jeff Sugg
Directed by Rebecca Wright

Premiered June 2017
The Lumberyard at The Kitchen (NYC)

“It’s Wonderful.”

“Ms. Hopkins’s range of inspiration is wide and often unexpected… She’s equally at ease with the educational approach of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Mister Rogers (in a particularly funny section that includes clips from the movies “Legal Eagles” and “Firestarter”), the cerebral quirkiness of David Byrne or Arlo Guthrie’s folksy storytelling.”

– Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times

Articles of Faith premiered in June 2017 at The Kitchen in NYC, presented by Lumberyard Contemporary Performing Arts. Articles of Faith was created by Cynthia Hopkins in collaboration with designer Jeff Sugg, with support from commissioning venue Lumberyard Contemporary Performing Arts (formerly ADI.) Work-in-progress performances of Articles of Faith were presented at Bryn Mawr’s 2017 Wintry Mix Festival; in November 2016 at American Dance Institute (ADI) in Rockville, MD; and at Catch Takes Bok (part of the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival).